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exterior at dusk

Lucky Dog Lodge

  • 11,570 SF Total
  • 9,550 SF Lodging
  • Prairieville, LA


One of the biggest challenges of this project was finding a way to create a utilitarian space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


High windows are located in all pet holding areas to allow as much natural light in as possible, without creating too many distracting views for the daytime or overnight guests. Pairing bright accent colors with the warmth of natural woods brought life to the interior of the space.

Lucky Dog Lodge was very much a passion project for the client. Fueled by a love of animals, the owners wanted to create a safe, comfortable, and welcoming place for furry family members. The design of a pet daycare and boarding facility, by its nature, is driven by functionality and ease of maintenance.

Exterior of Lucky Dog Lodge

Located in a rapidly growing, but close-knit community, the fa├žade showcases a more modern take on the farmhouse look to offer a sense of progression while blending into the community.

Interior reception at Lucky Dog Lodge, featuing woord accents and bright green walls.
Outdoor turf and pet area at Lucky Dog Lodge.
Indoor kennel space at Lucky Dog Lodge. Shaded outdoor turf and play area at Lucky Dog Lodge.
exterior at dusk
pet suite room Lucky dog reception lucky dog signage