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EBR-Career & Tech Center

  • 35,000 SF
  • $12 Million Budget

East Baton Rouge Career and Technical Education Center is a new 35,000 square foot, $12 million high school facility focused on serving students parish-wide as a hub for cutting-edge, industry-based, technical training and coursework. The facility houses three technical industry labs focused on carpentry, mechanical services, plumbing trades, electrical trades, manufacturing, instrumentation, 3-D design and modeling for fabrication, cyber-technology, and building information modeling.

Exterior of EBR-CTEC with tall landscape lights and concrete benches
Exterior of EBR-CTEC with contemporary landscape and concrete benches
Aerial view of bus drop off. brick and metal panel Exterior of EBR-CTEC

Wayfinding is the core of the interior design. The concept is based on the organizing principles of a computer motherboard. The student commons acts as the facilities hub, with color coded “circuits” radiating through the building to various programs.

wayfinding Floor pattern

At the center of the student commons, a large round reception desk serves as both the informational hub and the physical hub of the building. From this nucleus a person can monitor all that enters and exits the building.

Student Common Area with bright colors, lounging areas, and circular reception desk

From the central desk, the color-coded motherboard floor patterns serve as wayfinding throughout the facility. Each colored circuit is tied to a programming system. Blue connects to restrooms and mechanical spaces; orange leads to laboratories; yellow routes to technology classrooms; green targets administration and gathering spaces. The wall graphics and signage correspond to this color scheme, supporting intuitive navigation.

View of entrance to Shop C in bright corridor
Hallway with triangle light fixtures and linear graphics on walls and floor
Large room signs in corridor Student common area with bright colors and lounge seating

The design concept was for the facility to not only be a passive vessel for education, but to be an active participant in that education. All mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology systems in the building are on display. The building itself becomes a real-life diagram of concepts being taught in the labs and classrooms. The building is a teaching tool.

Colorful Mechanical closet

The medical lab hosts pre-nursing and emergency medical training courses, complete with a mock-up emergency room station. The facility also includes job training and interview/conference areas with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems to train students in soft skills required for today’s workforce. The project was completed in July 2018.

Health lab with ambulance simulation and patient beds
Health lab classroom with patient beds Aerial view of the site. Bright dining room Woodworking shop with acoustical wall panels Dining hall entry from the student commons Bright dining room Empty classroom with orange wall graphics Computer classroom with ceiling cable management Woodworking shop with sawhorses Bathroom Bathroom Student Common Area with bright colors, lounging areas, and circular reception desk Brightly colored Mechanical room